Smart by listening – Nine podcasts to upgrade your job skills

Smart by listening – Nine podcasts to upgrade your job skills
9. June 2020

Whether on the train, at the lake or when ironing: podcasts are great pastimes that can also be used as self-optimization tools. While you are busy with routine activities that take up your hands but not that much of your mind, you can also do something for your job or personal development.

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Einfach produktiv – Zeitmanagement leicht gemacht!

Since 2013, productivity coach Ivan Blatter has been sharing his knowledge via podcast. Over the years, he created a major collection of helpful lessons, usually presented in short episodes between 10 and 30 minutes. Thematically, everything revolves around efficient and productive work in line with his motto “Work smarter, not harder – now!“. The episodes – supplemented by show notes – are available on the website or via common streaming services such as Spotify.

I Love Mondays

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could agree with the podcast title without a second thought? Well, Tim Chimoy and his guests at least try to get you there by sharing their lateral thinking perspectives. The podcast, which is released bi-weekly, is all about independence, working from anywhere and personal development. His discussion partners include self-employed people, lifestyle business entrepreneurs and creative minds, who turned their passions into their profession. The aim is to show the listener the unexpected possibilities that lie behind the comfort zone. Get out of it and into a satisfying, self-determined life and work! Available for example on Spotify.

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In addition to his role as a moderator and stand-up comedian, Frank Eilers is primarily active as a speaker on the topics of the future of work and Generation Y. In his podcast, he talks about these topics with entrepreneurs, managers and people from the fields of culture, education and science. A podcast “that depicts reality in its drama and at the same time broadens the horizon! For all lateral thinkers, visionaries and listeners of good taste.” The episodes can be found on the blog and on Spotify.

Life Hackz

In his podcast Marcus Meurer, founder of DNX, focuses on living and working as a digital nomad. In form of interviews, he invites entrepreneurs, influencers and self-employed to his Skype microphone. You will definitely get a very authentic podcast – by and for people who really live the Digital Nomadism. Available on the website and on Soundcloud.

Rhetorik, die im Kopf bleibt!

Whether pitch presentation, workshop or lecture – modern work can hardly been done without talking in front of larger or smaller groups. Birgit Schürmann wants to help optimizing the effect of speeches and presentations with her podcast. The main aim is to arouse emotions among the audience and to stay in the listeners’ memory with storytelling and pictorial language. New episodes are released every two weeks and are 10 to 30 minutes long. Available on the website and on Spotify.

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If you don’t want to put all your cards on the table or simply run a side project on the side of your permanent position, Sidepreneur is the right podcast for you. Juliane Benad and Peter Lutsch deal with various topics connected to starting a part-time self-employment: from the first business idea to the development and growth of a small business including social media, marketing and sales strategies. There are new episodes about twice a week. Experiences and tips are shared by the team and the community on the website and at Spotify.


Everybody struggles with motivational problems from time to times. In her podcast, Nicola Fritze provides motivation-psychological background information and concrete tips on how to keep oneself motivated. Besides suggestions for actively influencing their mood, listeners learn how to break out of unwanted routines. To be found at Spotify or on the website, where further podcasts, keynote presentations and articles regarding the improvement of your work routine are also available.

Baby Got Business

A look behind the scenes of modern social media business. In her podcast Ann-Katrin Schmitz discusses the exciting career opportunities, strategies and ideas in the social media world. To do so, she invites renowned guests such as influencers or successful founders to share their individual career paths with the audience. The social media business is booming and this “behind the scenes” podcast provides interesting insights. Listen to it on Spotify.


The young female founders and entrepreneurs Moni and Shari share cool hacks and exciting inspirations on the topics of business, career, personal development and education. With episodes from 20 to 30 minutes, you can take the concentrated portion of knowledge “to go” with you. The friends regularly invite guests to share their thoughts and experiences with the “Brainies”. You can listen to the episodes on Spotify. The Braintalk website is also a platform for (soon-to-be) podcasters to share knowledge and exchange ideas. Maybe this is also interesting for some of you guys?

A post by Laura Dörling