Which home office type are you?

Which home office type are you?
9. December 2020

As we’re rushing toward the end of the year right now, we briefly want to sum up: 2020 was a crazy period in (Zucker.) history. From one day to the other we had to leave the office in March and work from home until further notice. It’s strange at first when the team doesn’t buzz around anymore, when video calls replace meetings in the conference center and small talk has to take place via chat instead of the Zucker. kitchen. But we have mastered this sudden change in the best possible way! What was previously considered a privilege has now become the new normal: the home office has proven to be an integral part of our everyday work and will continue to accompany us in the future. With the time, a wide variety of home office types have emerged among us. From Sweatpants-Susan and Pilates-Paul to Chef-Charlie – which home office type are you?

“Hated it, now love it” / Sceptic-Sarah

Then Nay, now Yay: Such a quick change in the daily work routine brings doubts and skepticism among many colleagues with it. How is that home office thing supposed to work? Can I still separate my private life from my job now? I don’t even have a real workplace at home… Let’s be honest, we all had some second thoughts, didn’t we? But the fact is that many Sarahs got used to the new routine and even became true home office lovers. Reality has shown us that productivity and motivation in the home office really does work. So, if our worries are unfounded, we can look at the many advantages of working from home: no more squeezing into the crowded train in the morning, no more cycling through the cold in winter, generally saving time by eliminating the way to the office, which we can then use for sports, cooking or reading…

“First come, first served” / Morning glory Max

In the work culture has changed a lot at Zucker. since March. The general start of our working days at 9:30 a.m. and common end at 6 p.m. has given way to a more flexible variant: Everyone can decide for themselves when he or she can work best – the only condition is a reliable team coordination. All Max’ know how to get things done and prefer to start checking their e-mails as early as seven in the morning so that they can use the afternoon for some private activities. Tough, you Maxis, who feel addressed now, tough…

“Binge-watching is kind of a sport too” / Nigh-owl Nina

Clubbing has not been an issue this year, but the night-owls have found other ways to stay true to their sleeping rhythm: binge-watching or Tik Tok-scrolling all night long, five hours are gone so fast! No problem, thanks to the home office all Ninas can sleep in the next day. Who can relate?

“Showering is overrated” / #wokeuplikethis-Wes

Rise and shine: just rolled out of bed, right on time for the first meeting in the morning. Considering the time and prioritizing of the longest possible sleep (because sleeping is important for your health!), showering, teeth brushing and even breakfast can be skipped – nobody smells or sees it anyway, right? Unless a customer call is pending, in which case a morning shower is something to think about. Guilty…

“Shirt + Sweatpants” / Styler-Sam

The perfect home office look does not exist? Ask Sam! Shirt and sweatpants? Seems legit, because although Karl Lagerfeld once said “those who wear sweatpants have lost control of their lives”, the Sams among us can prove quite the opposite. Why squeeze into uncomfortable pants when we’re much better off with the comfy look? Isn’t a good mood and a comfortable work outfit more important than any bourgeois etiquette that spreads bad vibes and prevents us from doing our best? At least that’s the thought…

“Keeping up with the agency – thank God for video calls” / Gossip Girl Gerry

Some Gerrys need the small talk and exchange among colleagues like they need water and fresh air in order to continue working with even greater concentration afterwards. It’s a pity that the quick coffee break in the Zucker. kitchen was hardly an option during the last weeks. But the Gossip Girl Gerrys know how to help each other – Video-Call is their magic word. They like to start a round call in the morning or afternoon to find out how their colleagues are doing and always stay tuned regarding the latest gossip. Always nice to hear from you, dear Gerrys! #hitmeup

“Changed diet – Chocolate is now on the left side of the laptop” / Sweets-Sandra

You just can’t keep your hands off the snacks! Whether chocolate, potato chips, vegetable sticks or nuts: Our Zucker. sweet tooths need the snacks for their concentration. Fair enough, so everyone has their little helpers…

“Who wants to talk to me anyways” / Ghost-Gabby

What was the name of the colleague again, who, before March, always sat at the left desk in the corner behind the kitchen? As flexible working hours become commonplace a few colleagues disappear from the scene – or rather from the screen. Secretly and silently, the Gabbys do their job without anyone noticing anything. Fortunately, Zucker. has a video etiquette so that we can regularly see the pretty faces of our colleagues.

“Washing clothes while working” / Multitasking-Mike

Writing emails, media outreach on the phone, preparing lunch and starting the washing machine – Multitasking-Mike prefers to do his tasks all at once. In the last few months he has got the hang of how to manage household and work at the same time. Until now, nobody has complained… Go for it, Mikey!

Bild Credits: Pixabay / kaboompics

“Better Together” / Coworking-Carmen

Home office makes lonely? Not with the Carmens! Whether it’s family, roommates, partners or friends: Carmen has become a huge fan of co-working and regularly meets her loved ones for work dates – safety distances and hygiene rules are always observed. Potential for distraction? Not at all! The co-working experts are efficient with their time, but look forward to a lunch or coffee break together.

“Triple-screen for triple power” / Tech-Theresa

As far as the technical equipment is concerned, the agency is divided into two camps: “Laptop is enough” versus “without the second or third screen, nothing works”. While some home office workers initially complain about the missing equipment, the tech-Theresas don’t even know what the problem actually is. There is certainly no lack of screens… The latest high-tech mouse and must-have keyboard are part of their private inventory. Very progressive!

“Start your day right” / Positive-vibes-only-Peter

From bed to screen? May be an option for #wokeuplikethis-Wes, but not for the Peters among us. They like a healthy work-life balance – with emphasis on balance. Because the Peters have developed a new routine in the home office. Before work, they treat themselves to a yoga session for a nice start into the day. With this energy they can do whatever they want – inner peace rules!

“Master of Desaster” / Chaos Queen Caroline

Fortunately, there is an option to change the background in the video call. Nobody wants to see the plates piling up behind Caroline. Well, that’s the consequene of turning the living room into an office. But don’t worry: The Carolines already know how to deal with their chaos. Show must go on: At least at working she’s very organized. #masterofdesaster

“A little party never killed nobody” / Thirsty-Theodor

Cheers! The Theodors among us know how to manage the classic Monday crisis in the afternoon: A little shot in the tea never killed nobody, right? Well, let’s hope that your boss doesn’t notice anything. Otherwise there’ll be trouble… The beer tastes much better after work anyway.

“Same same – no difference” / Expert-Elle

Whether living room or office – for the Expert Elles it makes no difference. Either way, they sit perfectly styled and in unaltered routine at their computer on time in the morning. The external circumstances won’t bother them. The focus lays 100% on the work. Respect!

Half kidding, half seriously, each of us can certainly identify with at least one of the named home office types. Maybe there are other characters as well? Or even mixtures of different personalities? Either way, after a certain amount of time everyone at Zucker. has come to terms with the home office and has learned their own lessons from this new way of working. So: Let’s get to work!

Picture credit: Pixabay / JoshuaWoroniecki

A post by Laura Dörling