New Year – Still me: Our anti-resolutions for the new year

New Year – Still me: Our anti-resolutions for the new year
6. January 2021

At Zucker. we accept our imperfections and vices with a list of well-intentioned anti-resolutions – for more goals achieved and positive vibes to end this year.

Eat more chocolate

Because let’s face it: we can’t do without chocolate! Why should we give up something that makes us so happy? Why suffer when there’s another way? We say yes to the sugar shock and buy rather one bar too many than too little. Who’s in?

Sleep in instead of getting up early

The early bird can go to Hell! We don’t care about no worms! We want to stay up late and sleep in! A big advantage of the home office is the possibility to stay in bed longer. We take advantage of that and let the sun wake us up. Unless it’s raining. Then the alarm clock is a good backup plan – but not before it’s light outside! Stress in the morning brings sorrow and worries – sleeping in doesn’t.

Expand the sweatpants collection

Who wears sweatpants has lost control over his life? Unfortunately, we have to disagree with dear Karl Lagerfeld. The sweatpants have finally earned their rightful spot as an it-piece in the home office and contribute significantly to our well-being. Fashion is following the trend and currently offers us a huge selection of cosy, stylish favourites – we’re happy to be part of this trend!

Valuing online shopping as a hobby

Which brings us right to the next topic, “So, what do you do in your free time?” Uhhhm… online shopping! An absolute legit hobby, enriching in many ways: inspiration, ownership, experience… Just a bit of a financial burden, unfortunately. But hey, others play golf, sail yachts or collect cars. Online shopping is peanuts compared to that, right?

Bild Credits: Unsplash / Tamas Pap

Let the chaos be chaos

Tidy up? What for? Tomorrow it will be looking messy again anyway… “The chair” grows and grows – thanks to our new hobby. We prefer to invest our energy in our work in the home office instead of fighting against this natural mess. Here some clothes, there a few books – so, what? The wildly scattered items can also serve as inspiration. Brainstorming session for our interior clients?While looking for ideas, the eye falls on old magazines, further on the pile of books next to the bed and then lands on a patterned blouse on the floor. Wanna bet that this combo gets your brain in overdrive and gives birth to completely new ideas? Photos, words, patterns and types of fabric – Um, who doesn’t see a connection here, please?! (Whether or not that makes sense is open to question…) We can clearly use the time for tidying up better, for example for a well-kept streaming session. As Albert Einstein once said, “only the stupid needs order, the genius masters the chaos”. There’s nothing more to say.

Accept binge-watching as a sport

Jogging or serial marathon, sore muscles or stiff neck – potato (po-tay-to), potato (po-tah-to)! Fitness comes in many forms, so binge-watching is considered endurance training and therefore a sport, right? McDreamy and McSexy get us all sweaty on Grey’s Anatomy, while our F.R.I.E.N.D.S. work out our abs with each laughter, and the nasty superheroes from the Amazon Prime original series The Boys motivate us to run (away)… Workout plan at its best – it can be that easy. We can save ourselves the gym membership.

Eating whatever I want

Green smoothie here, Super Bowl there – of course a balanced diet is important for our health, but it’s not just about our body, it’s also about our soul. Besides fruits and vegetables, comfort food à la pizza, burgers or mac’n’cheese is also good for us. When it comes to food, we listen to our gut. Pasta! Uh, basta!

Beer, champagne, wine – totally fine

Toast with limonade? Possible, but there are other totally fine (alcoholic) options as well. Nobody can forbid us to enjoy the cold after-work beer, the classy glass of wine or the sparkling prosecco. No alcohol is no solution either. It’s the measure that counts…

So, cheers to the new year! Stay healthy, stay joyful and stay hopeful.

Picture Credits of the title image: Unsplash / S O C I A L . C U T

A post by Laura Dörling