Let’s talk about: Media podcasts for lifestyle inspiration

Let’s talk about: Media podcasts for lifestyle inspiration
15. January 2021

Podcasts are booming – according to a study by Goldmedia, more than 10 million Germans over the age of 14 actively listened to podcasts in 2020, and more than 4 million even listened to at least one show every day. Especially podcasts by well-known German media companies are becoming increasingly popular, such as Das Thema from the SZ, Mal angenommen from the Tagesschau, Einspruch from the FAZ, or Verbrechen from the ZEIT, among others. Many of the so-called media podcasts are dealing with inspiring lifestyle topics – corresponding to the sections of their (online) magazines.

Most people have heard of the podcasts with the widest reach, but did you know that there is a podcast from LandIDEE magazine? We’ve found a few treasures in our podcast library that we’d like to share with you. Note: these Podcasts are in German. But we are sure, there are similar podcasts in English as well. Anyhow, these media podcasts might be inspirational in terms of realizing the range of different podcasts by well-known media and how they transfer their content from print to spoken words.

Brigitte BE GREEN

…is a sustainability podcast by Brigitte, or rather the relatively new magazine of the same name Brigitte BE GREEN. Editorial director Alexandra Zykonov talks to colleagues, influencers and other guests about sustainable lifestyle topics. The podcast is not about unrealistic claims and the perfect environmental saviour, but about the challenges that a sustainable lifestyle can bring. Topics like fair fashion, sustainable menstrual products, ecological beauty products or discussions about veganism and climate change with grandparents are touched upon humorously. Alexandra and her interview partners remain toughly honest and talk, for example, about the feeling of guilt that plagues us once we have consciously behaved in a non-sustainable way. It is precisely this honesty that makes the podcast so special. You can also listen to the other Brigitte podcasts such as Brigitte Bücher, Paaradox or What the finance, with topics around literature, relationships and the financial world.

Sofa so good

We love Schöner Wohnen’s interior podcast not only for the play on words in the title. Editor-in-chief Bettina Billerbeck and columnist Anne Zuber discuss the big and small topics of the living world in this format: open kitchens, tips for a better night sleep, wall colours, room scents, houseplants, pets, and and and… Funny insights, useful tips and cool DIYs improve our personal interior design skills. The life hacks can even be directly implemented most of the time. The result? Feel-good level 100 in the beloved home – especially in the current time (keyword: home office) more important than ever!


…powered by GLAMOUR. In keeping with the spirit of the magazine, Lina Mallon talks about her everyday life and touches on all the important topics that interest those of us that still are in their twenties. She chats about being single, Tinder dates, booze ideas, spontaneous actions and everything she herself learned in and from her twenties. Lisa’s experiences make us laugh and ponder. She speaks plainly and we can find ourselves in one or the other situation or draw our own conclusions from her learnings. In any case, the podcast helps us to reflect, accept and grow. By the way: the topics are not bound to age! Even with 30, 40 or whatever the podcast is absolutely recommendable and inspiring.

Credits: Unsplash / Kate Oseen

Verstehen, fühlen, glücklich sein

Meta-topics like fear, friendship, love and happiness affect us all. Sinja Schütte, the editor-in-chief of Flow, looks at the big feelings and relationship issues from the perspective of mindfulness. Her conversation partner is meditation researcher Dr. Boris Bornemann – inspiring thought stimuli are the result of the conversations. Instead of mere “psychobabble,” the mix of personal opinions and scientific facts really inspires us to think and question things we may not have thought about before. This mindfulness podcast is exciting and intense – we love to be enriched here.

Quatschen mit Sauce

Chatting – that’s what podcasters can do! And what’s the saying? The best chats take place in the kitchen! For the “Kitchen Talk”, Essen & Trinken editor-in-chief Jan Spielhagen and online boss Christina Hollstein invite celebrity guests such as star chef Tim Raue to chat about food – what else! Restaurant experiences, recipe ideas and small sins: The podcast makes you crave for more. #foodspiration guaranteed!

We are in a podcast frenzy and hope to inspire you with our tips. Now it’s time to open your ears, turn on the podcast, and give the rest of the world a break!

A post by Laura Dörling