Pimp up your Homeoffice: Our ZUCKER.favorites for the perfect workplace

Pimp up your Homeoffice: Our ZUCKER.favorites for the perfect workplace
10. March 2021

We’ve really come to love the home office over the past few weeks and can’t even imagine living without it anymore. The personal touch in furnishing and decorating our workspace has had a big impact on that… Sure, in the ZUCKER.Office we could add a personal touch to our workspace with desk accessories too, but with beautiful lighting, nice furniture and fancy work gadgets in the broadest sense, we absolutely can’t complain about working from home. So, we want to show you some of the highlights that help us create a feel-good atmosphere in our home or are simply super practical. By the way, these are exclusively ZUCKER.pieces from our customers and friends – acquisition done right!

Nanoleaf Shapes

The smart lights can be combined into different patterns and designs and stuck to the wall (don’t worry, they won’t fall off!). They even react to music and dance colourfully to the rhythm of our ZUCKER.sounds. Did you know that colourful lighting can affect productivity and motivation? Blue shades, for example, promote concentration, while green puts you in a good mood. The colours of the Nanoleaf panels can be set and changed via a dedicated Nanoleaf app to take us through the different mood phases of the workday. In the app, you can also craft “schedules” of when and how long the lights will shine in which color: Team meeting? Purple! Blocker to write a press release? Orange! Break? Green!

Credits: Nanoleaf

hexxas by CEWE

CEWE’s hexxas are ideal for those who prefer a less interactive workplace, but still want to have creative and variable wall decorations. The hexagonal photo tiles can be arranged in almost endless combinations and formations – whether with an overarching motif as in our example or with many individual photos. And what is nicer in these times than to reminisce about the last (real and carefree!) vacation or to have friends and family around you at least in the photo version? The hexxas can be easily combined into a complete work of art and expanded at any time. Thanks to the magnetic suspension, you can also exchange the individual tiles whenever you feel like it, and thus bring variety to your wall. On the product page you will find lots of inspiration for your own personal wall design.

Credits: CEWE


The green friends give us a huge Pflanzenfreude.de (German pun for plant pleasure)! Whether monstera, strelitzia or an ivy: they are not only incredibly beautiful to look at, but also improve the indoor sherepatm and help to reduce stress. With the vast variety of houseplants, it is not so easy to pick the right one. Hanging? Standing? Large? Small? On the website of our customer Blumenbüro Holland you can find advice and get familiar with different plant personalities. From spring on, the home jungle can also be complemented with colorful bouquets. Simply beautiful!

Credits: Pflanzenfreude.de

MonKey Desk from ROOM IN A BOX

If you want a change of perspective at work, the MonKey Desk from ROOM IN A BOX is the perfect choice. The sustainable desk elevation made of high-quality corrugated cardboard turns a sitting place into a standing place. Since few of us can afford or want to invest in a height-adjustable desk, the MonKey Desk offers a practical alternative on the cheap. After use, it easily folds back up and stores in the drawer. But what does all this have to do with monkeys? Nothing! Mon stands for monitor, Key for keyboard. Consisting of two levels, the screen finds its place at the top and the keyboard at the bottom. The desk is even available in different sizes and ergonomically completely thought out – the back will thank us for it… Convince yourself! (Pro-tip: If you like the ROOM IN A BOX design, we can also highly recommend the shelf system).

Credits: ROOM IN A BOX


Functioning digital communication is the be-all and end-all of the home office. Video calls, customer meetings or team arrangements are made possible by various messenger platforms such as Teams or Zoom. The big providers mostly come from the USA, but our customer stashcat has developed a German alternative that is way ahead of the competition, especially in terms of data protection. Data security is extremely important in today’s world (greetings to those of you who have been using the same password for all accounts for years), especially in the digital world of work. That’s why stashcat is also used by the Bundeswehr and German authorities, for example. We think it’s super cool and interesting! Do you think so too? Then talk to your dear colleagues from IT about it…

Oatly Oat Milk Barista Edition

What can’t be missing when working, neither in the office nor in the home office? A cup of coffee in the morning (to drive away sorrow and worries)! We like our coffee best with Oatly’s Oat Milk Barista Edition, because shaking it foams up and gives us that fancy cappuccino-from-the-hipster-café feeling. Milk froth for the win!

JOYUMA Coffee Carrier

Speaking of coffee… We like to spend our lunch break outside walking in the fresh air. Even while doing that, a coffee just brightens our mood and warms our hands and souls. However, we are not fans of Coffee-To-Go disposable cups, so we rely on the pretty and at the same time sustainable coffee chains of the Berlin start-up JOYUMA. Like cell phone chains, the coffee carriers made of vegan leather can be easily tied around to keep our hands free for making calls, waving or holding hands. The cords are even interchangeable and can be coordinated with our outfit. Trend Alert!

Credits: JOYUMA

Foot Locker

What else do you need when you go for a walk? A comfortable pair of shoes! How lucky we are that Foot Locker is one of our customers and always keeps us up to date on sneaker news. Especially the sustainable sneakers are a trend, we really love. Just between you and me, some styles are so comfy that we even leave them on indoors and use them as slippers.


As the day goes by, coffee gives way to after-work drinks! From soda to beer, we get really creative when it comes to starting the evening. A very special tip for Friday night: the Kreuzberg Gin by Mondhügel. Handcrafted in Markthalle 9, it tastes super fruity when diluted with the right tonic syrup and puts us in the right mood for the weekend. Cheers!

Credits: Mondhügel

A post by Laura Dörling