Grocery shopping goals: This is how it works in the future

Grocery shopping goals: This is how it works in the future
26. March 2021

Special situations require special measures and often great things come about under pressure! We know this from everyday work, when on Mondays everything does not go according to plan or a customer pushes forwards a deadline. But also looking at the past few months, which have completely turned everyday life upside down, we can see various trends that are not only exciting for us as a PR agency of consumer brands like Amazon, but also for us as consumers ourselves!  

One of these notable trends is the food shopping revolution – driven by contact restrictions, strict hygiene measures and curfews. As the saying goes: necessity is the mother of invention! We all benefit from this invention – or rather development – and even after the Corona pandemic. When we think of grocery shopping, we think of crowded supermarkets and long lines at the checkout. But since the pandemic restrictions, grocery delivery services have picked up steam. Those who still like to leave the house for their shopping will soon find a scenario that probably feels like theft at first: stores where customers take what they want from the shelves and then simply march out again.  

What will the shopping of tomorrow look like? Delivery, self-scanning, automated payment via app – the developments are going in different directions. To give you an overview, we present the most important grocery delivery services and shop-and-go stores. 

Our favorite delivery services


Admittedly: We’re fans of – and not just since 2013. That’s how long has been a ZUCKER.customer, and for some time now, the ever-popular online store has also been offering a grocery delivery service in several German cities: AmazonFresh. Prime members can order organic products, beverages, fresh fruit, drugstore items and much more from AmazonFresh. Above an order value of 80 euros, delivery is free of shipping costs, below 80 euros the delivery costs are 3.99 euros and there are different delivery periods to choose from. AmazonFresh even offers separate categories for certain diets (vegans, hello) and those who need cooking inspo can even find recipe ideas at AmazonFresh.   


At REWE, ordering groceries online is just as easy. You even have three different delivery options: Delivery by parcel, delivery by REWE delivery service or pick-up of the online order in a participating REWE store. Other advantages that we find very nice: You can (just like with AmazonFresh as well) easily give REWE deposit bottles to the drivers when a new order is delivered. What’s more, you don’t have to pay any delivery charges when you place your first order. Reason enough to try out the service, right? 


If you need urgently and quickly selected groceries, GORILLAS is the place to go. With the promise that the order will be delivered within ten minutes, the slogan “Faster than you” definitely makes sense, since just looking for the shopping list, putting on shoes and walking to the supermarket already take longer. A GORILLAS grocery delivery costs 1.80 euros, from 40 euros value of goods the order comes free of shipping costs. Simply download the app, select items and that’s it.


Shop and Go – shopping of the future?  

Amazon Go Store

We’d love to tell you about an Amazon Go Store in Germany, but that’s still a long way off. The convenience store with proprietary “Just Walk Out” technology exists in Seattle to date, and we think the concept sounds crazy at first: Get in the store, take what we need, and then just walk out again – what? Of course, that would seem like theft at first. But what’s really true is that it eliminates the in-store payment process by giving consumers a code in the Amazon app that, when scanned, opens the Amazon Go store doors and tracks the products they take off the shelf. Even if an item is put back, the app recognizes this. Upon leaving the store, the receipt for the purchase is emailed and the amount is debited from the Amazon account. Sounds futuristic, but it will certainly become part of everyday life sooner than we think. and 

Nevertheless, there are already small grocery stores without checkouts in Germany. The Schwarz Group has developed the and, both stores manage without cash registers and are located in Heilbronn. Payment is easy, without having to scan the items or pull out your wallet. Customers use an automated app to enter the, take the items they want from the shelves and leave the store without having to check out. Payment is made very simply using the online direct debit system from Klarna. The is even more convenient: the items are selected in advance using an app, and all you have to do is pick up your purchase from the collection box. Super practical and uncomplicated!   

Would we ever again want to do without the luxury of having our shopping delivered directly to our doorstep? We’re not quite sure yet, and as soon as a convenience store with “just-walk-out” technology comes to Berlin, we’ll be the first to try it out. For professional reasons alone, we want to know how it goes, leaving the store without having to pull out a wallet. 

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