ZUCKER. does brand development for Thuringia’s treasury

ZUCKER. does brand development for Thuringia’s treasury
10. June 2021

Berlin in June 2021 – The “Schatzkammer Thüringen” association markets a rich heritage of courtly culture. Twenty historic castles, parks, collections and the associated museums are tourist attractions for guests from Germany and abroad. ZUCKER. got the assignment to further develop the brand “Schatzkammer Thüringen” and is designing a continuing brand strategy together with the association partners.

Following a call for tenders, the Berlin-based communications agency ZUCKER. was awarded the contract to implement the development of the “Schatzkammer Thüringen” brand. The association was founded more than 15 years ago by the Thüringer Schlösser und Garten foundation as a union of palace museums in various residences and of tourism institutions. Today, under the organizational and communicative umbrella of the “Thuringian Treasury”, the association presents Thuringia’s unique residential culture with venerable palace buildings and castle complexes, magnificent parks and gardens as well as associated museums and collections. Since 2015, the partners of the Treasury have organized the “Thüringer Schlössertage” (Thuringian’s castle days) at Whitsun. In 2019, the first “Schlösserkindertag” (Children’s castle day) was also launched on the occasion of World Children’s Day.

The brand development planned by ZUCKER. includes the analysis of the brand environment in the context of the tourism brand landscape of Thuringia, the presentation of the current brand understanding and the elaboration of a brand strategy in the overall tourism offer of Thuringia for the coming years. The goal is to communicate effectively internally and externally with a developed brand promise and to anchor the brand “Schatzkammer Thüringen” as a fixed component in the image of the state in the coming years.

The client is the Schloss Friedenstein foundation in Gotha, which together with the Thüringer Schlösser und Garten foundation acts as the coordinating body for the Treasury. ZUCKER. secured the contract with a proposal approach that included a comprehensive analysis with surveys of stakeholders in the state’s tourism as well as the agency’s long-standing references in the field of tourism brand development. Two years ago, for example, ZUCKER. was in charge of implementing the 2025 communications strategy for Schlösserland Sachsen.

A post by Matthias Bonjer