Happy anniversary! 15 years of ZUCKER. in retrospective Part 3

Happy anniversary! 15 years of ZUCKER. in retrospective Part 3
17. September 2021

Welcome to the third – and final – part of our impressive journey through the past 15 years of Jennifer Meißner’s ZUCKER.career. In this third part, we present her favourite campaigns from 2017 to 2021 to bring the celebration of her 15th anniversary to a solemn conclusion. Party atmosphere with background music guaranteed!

2017: Amazon Fresh – local heroes

In 2017, not only DJ Khaled but also ZUCKER. had real Wild Thoughts: we accompanied the Amazon Fresh launch in Germany. Having groceries delivered to your home? Standard today, four years ago it was not quite common. Another thing to consider was the competition Amazon Fresh posed to offline supermarkets… What could be done to ensure that local retailers did not feel threatened by this launch? First, make Amazon Fresh approachable, human and accessible to everyone. Then give the brand a face, in this case, the Fresh director at the time, Florian Baumgartner. Finally? Highlight local favourite shops, show faces and stories behind the shops and create incentives for visits and communication. What can we say: it worked!

2018: Amazon pop-up shop

Amazon goes offline! In 2018, the first German Amazon pop-up shop opened on Berlin’s Ku’Damm (the Berlin Champs-Elysées, if you don’t know). Gifts, inspiration, exchange with other visitors, concerts and workshops made the hearts of X-Mas shoppers beat faster. As representatives of Santa Claus, Amazon as well as celebrities, influencers and journalists fulfilled many Christmas wishes in the Amazon #homeofchristmas. The pop-up shop offered a wide variety of products from the Amazon range. For those looking for Christmas presents, this meant the ultimate shopping experience away from the crazy crowds in the mall – and without last-minute stress. Who could say no to that? As the country band Mavericks’ 2018 lyrics put it: “Santa does the things he does for every girl and boy / Every time he comes around he loads ’em up with toys”.

2019: LEGO “Rebuild the world”

How many of you remember Lewis Capaldi’s “Someone you loved” hit from 2019? It’s a beautiful song, but heartbreak is really not the thing right now! Good thing we can mend broken hearts… As part of the LEGO “Rebuild the world” campaign, we initiated a mural installation in the shape of a broken heart directly opposite Berlin’s East Side Gallery. How can such a heart be healed? We sent out a city-wide mailing with LEGO bricks calling for help. The heart was mended with the help of 660,000 small LEGO bricks, which passers-by, journalists and influencers placed directly in the artwork using a lifting platform in just five days. Together we can do anything. Spread the love!

2020: Oatly petition for the climate

Mandatory CO2e labelling of food? Yes, please, thank you! Oatly campaigned for this in September 2020 with a petition to the German parliament. The challenge was to collect 50,000 signatures in 30 days to get a hearing in the Bundestag. With our help, proper media attention and activation of our influencer network ensured that the 50,000 signatures were cracked within the last 24 hours – even better! In one day, no less than 30,000 votes were won! Props go out to well-known activists like Luisa Neubauer, celebrities like Lena Meyer-Landrut and many other influencers. Imagine the joy and ecstasy when the question of CO2e labelling officially became an issue in the Bundestag! With labelling, products are even more “yummy-yum, yummy yummy”, to use Justin Bieber’s words from 2020.

2021: Flower Council Holland “Blattgeflüster Podcast”

“Let’s get down, let’s get down to business” (Tiestos words): Just in time for Jennifer’s anniversary month of August, the green plant podcast “Blattgeflüster” launched by ZUCKER. in cooperation with the media Couch and Schöner Wohnen for Pflanzenfreude.de. Some episodes are already available on Amazon Music, Spotify and Co in German – more will follow. You can get tips and tricks about our green friends from experts and plant-fluencers. Stay tuned!

In the last 15 years, ZUCKER. has had so many different clients, so many unforgettable campaigns and so many enriching experiences to offer that it would go beyond the scope of this blog post to present all the cases. There are the Herlitz monsters, the Influencer Tour through the KPM Manufaktur, the Game Duell Silver Surfers at gamescom, Father Christmas on Curaçao, the Schlösserland Sachsen and much more… Are you curious now and want to know more? Just get in touch with us and Jennifer! Communication is key 😉