NFT: What’s that and why is it so hyped right now?

NFT: What’s that and why is it so hyped right now?
10. December 2021

Sport, art, fashion, culture, even animal welfare: non-fungible tokens (or NFTs for short) are currently gaining in popularity. Have you already dealt with the crypto topic? It’s not that easy to grasp what is behind the abbreviation. We will summarise it very briefly: an NFT is something like an encrypted title deed to a digital object stored on a blockchain. This object can be a Twitter post, a meme or even a virtual work of art. NFTs have become a real hype that resonates with more and more people and in many a field. But why is that? The fascination of the unknown? We believe the NFT hype is growing especially because crypto opens more and more possibilities for a digital future. Not only the collecting and trading of artworks will be revolutionised by the virtual, irreplaceable unique items. Just imagine that in the future, shares will also be made of NFT or land register entries being stored on the blockchain. The great advantage of NFT is that no one can forge, copy or steal the unique items. The title deeds are encrypted and protected. NFTs are also being used more and more in marketing and corporate communication. There are already larger NFT agencies, such as the Berlin agency BLNFT, which implement crypto projects for their clients. Think big, think crypto!

ZUCKER. through its client GO! NFT has also been increasingly involved with NFT in daily business since autumn 2021. Everyone knows it: the more you pay attention to something, the more you notice it! Since we’ve been dealing with the topic, we’ve heard about so many cool NFT stories that make it clear to us how broad the areas of application for this “crypto stuff” really are. We don’t want to withhold our personal best cases from you…


GAME OVER for the old Merkur Spielothek at Nollendorfplatz! Instead of poker and roulette tables, the building provided by project developer BAUWENS are home to the analogue and digital artworks of more than 100 local and international artists since October 2021. The GO! NFT paintings, graffiti, tape art, sculptures, installations, light shows, augmented and virtual reality and so much more art can be admired there. The analogue works were digitally animated using AR and VR. The newly created art is in turn sold as NFT. The GO! NFT were developed in cooperation between the initiators Die Dixons and BLNFT. They include, for example, a Pixel-Mona-Lisa by the artist HansStaden and The HAUS on Chain. Do you still remember THE HAUS, the street art hype of 2017? The successful exhibition is now revived in the form of NFT. With this, the exhibition opens its doors to the art world 3.0 for the first time.

Credits: XI DE SIGN

Non-Fungible Animals

WWF Germany uses NFT art to protect species. In the form of the so-called Non-Fungible Animals, the organisation wants to draw attention to animals threatened with extinction. For each species, there are as many NFTs available as there are animals of that species left in the world. These include 1063 mountain gorillas and 22 vaquita whales. The NFTs are works of art by international artists who creatively depict these animals. All proceeds from the sale of the NFTs go to the protection of species. We think it’s a great innovative way to leverage the NFT technology. At the same time, it reminds us of the Lacoste Save Our Species campaign, where the crocodile logo was replaced by endangered species.

Credits: WWF Deutschland

Pulp Fiction

Now, everyone, hold on tight and take a deep breath: there are unreleased scenes from the Quentin Tarantino classic Pulp Fiction! The scenes will be made available soon, as NFT! A total of seven previously unseen scenes will reportedly be auctioned off as NFT. The catch of the story, at least from our point of view: only the buyer will be able to watch the NFT scene. The lucky winners will also receive Tarantino’s first handwritten script and exclusive comments by the director. We are already a bit envious…

Tina Turner’s Versace dress

Who knows the picture of Tina Turner, taken while she was on stage in Birmingham in 1996, as she was wearing a skimpy silver glittering Versace dress? Iconic! Her former stylist, Wayne Scot Lukas, recreated the scene for a fashion NFT released in November 2021, thus making the silver gown immortal. The dress was auctioned online in early December.  Parts of the proceeds will go to Christy Turlington Burns’ Every Mother Counts charity and to Action Against Hunger. Versace, by the way, is not the first and only luxury fashion brand to transform fashion into NFT art, or to augment physical garments with digital certificates of ownership. Dolce & Gabbana also presented NFT fashion at its Alta Moda show in September 2021. Some pieces were available exclusively as crypto-art, others came as a set with the “real” clothes. A glass suit from the so-called Collezione Genesi NFT was auctioned for about one million dollars. Madness!

Credits: Pete Still/Redferns / seen at

NBA Top Shot

The professional basketball league from the USA has created its own NFT in the form of short clips of the best shots and dunks, which are available online on crypto marketplaces like trading cards. Fans thus own a very special moment of their passion – basketball.  Who still plays analogue card games today when you can play in the NFT Game?

Vagina Monologue

Stars have also fallen for the NFT hype. Activist, top model and actress Cara Delevingne recently sold her so-called Vagina Monologue. In cooperation with the Chemical X Lab, she published a video on her Instagram channel in which, it seems, she talks to her vagina in the nude. The video is to be auctioned off as NFT, with the proceeds going to support “women’s empowerment, COVID relief, LGBTQIA+ organisations, environmental causes, and fighting institutionalised racism”, as Cara herself explains. Definitely worth supporting!

Credits: Instagram / @caradelevigne

With these six examples, our best cases, we hope we have been able to give you a good first impression of how NFT is being creatively and usefully applied today and in the future. We are excited to see what else is in store for us!

Credits of the main picture: Unsplash / Markus Spiske

A post by Laura Dörling