Trending? Social media away from the mainstream

Trending? Social media away from the mainstream
Credit: Rodion Kutsaiev / Unsplash
16. December 2022

Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter and for some time now also BeReal – we know and use them (almost) all. But have you ever heard of Cappuccino and Co-Star? No, we don’t mean coffee specialties here, but social media platforms that maybe not so many of you know – yet. Let’s change that and set new trends together!

Cappuccino – stay in touch

When you’re busy at work, it’s easy to forget to check in with your loved ones. The unanswered chats on messengers such as WhatsApp pile up, as do the missed calls and the guilty conscience, because there’s actually so much to report, but somehow there’s hardly any time to send your friends a quick life update. Does this sound familiar? Cappuccino is the remedy. The social media app can be compared to a kind of personal mini-podcast. Every day, you and your network compile short audio snippets, called “beans,” that are edited by the platform. This way, you can share your news directly with your entire network while staying up to date on their daily lives without having to call each of them individually and answer 1,000 chats. Super practical, without that we want to advise you to stop calling your dear ines and acquaintances in a 1:1 conversation. On the contrary, call them!

Co-Star and the horoscope hype

According to the App Store description, Co-Star is “a hyper-personalized, social experience that brings astrology into the 21st century.” You sign up on the platform with your date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth. Based on this information, your daily personalized horoscope is created in the form of short push messages, daily tips, and possibly alerts – all derived from the stars. Why does this pass for social media now? Well, because you can also network with your friends on Co-Star. The daily astro-advice is then linked to the zodiac signs and moods of your network. Conflict pre-programmed? Don’t worry, Co-Star knows about it beforehand. Want a raise? Co-Star tells the perfect timing. Because the stars don’t lie… do they? By the way, Co-Star is not so new anymore, but has already been introduced by Cosmopolitan, for example, and the app is also being used diligently among ZUCKER. colleagues. Even back in 2019, Co-Star was already used by our former team for the customer Tiktok. Perhaps a new social trend will emerge here that will sweep you all away? From our point of view, the potential is there…

Bye bye BeReal? We see potential for Cappuccino in particular to follow in the footsteps of hype apps like BeReal, Clubhouse, and others and become more and more of a trend. We also see potential for Co-Star to develop further into a trend, even if the target group may be somewhat more limited here, since a passion for astrology is a prerequisite. So let’s wait and see…

A post by Laura Dörling