PR: Who dat?

PR: Who dat?
10. February 2021

Have you ever been wondering what we at ZUCKER. are doing all day long? Are you interested in the PR (Public Relations) or marketing branch, but not yet a 100% sure whether the tasks of public relations suit you? You want to know what PR is all about? Or you just want to “have a look around”? Then, let us talk about PR:

The term Public Relations covers a broad description of various fields of activity. A short definition first: PR describes in the broadest sense any work directed at a public – the dissemination of a message, which, unlike advertising, does not reach the target audience through ads and purchased placements, but through networking with media representatives and resulting cooperation. But what kind of work does it include, and does every PR agency do the same?

Bild-Credit: Unsplash / Prisczilla Du Preez

Focus on Focus

This much should be said in advance: of course, not every PR agency does the same thing. As in any other sectors, most agencies specialize in certain areas, skills, and topics. This can be extremely broad or very narrowly focused and is up, in the end, to the agency and its internal goals. If you ask us, fonr instance, ZUCKER. is a lifestyle PR agency .

The focuses and orientations of different PR agencies can be extremely specific. For example, there are agencies that cater to individuals such as celebrities or politicians. Others have brands and their products or services as clients. Still others work for non-profit organizations. ZUCKER. belongs to the group of agencies that has companies for clients, more specifically those who produce lifestyle products or want to reach out to lifestyle media.

PR – Same, same but different?

Some agencies specialize exclusively in crisis PR, i.e. they are responsible for saving the client’s face in a crisis vis-à-vis the public,for steering the client out of this crisis as skilfully as possible and/or for advising on how to deal with negative situations. Other agencies deal exclusively with public affairs. This involves communicating the policies (positions, plans, goals, attitudes, etc.) of companies, associations, parties, or politicians themselves to the outside world. The main aim is to build up trust within an identified audience as well as a reputation of one’s own.

Bild-Credit: Unsplash / Volodymyr Hryshchenko

We deliberately spoke of “a” public at the beginning because this is also narrowed down by the agencies or customers. A public can be the employees of one’s own company as well as the entire population of Germany over the age of 14. So, in a certain sense, human resources are also part of PR work – namely, internal self-PR.

As you can see, the range of tasks and types of PR is wide. So, PR is not always PR. It differs according to the type of target group, the subject of the communication, the customers, the subject areas and so on….

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A post by Laura Dörling