ZUCKER. get a new brand design

ZUCKER. get a new brand design
3. June 2021

Diversity at heart, creativity as a principle, Berlin as a signature. That’s what ZUCKER. has stood for for over 20 years. Now the agency is getting a new brand design: it will be colorful, wild, diverse, unconventional and above all a visual journey of discovery.

As an established address for brand communication built on a PR DNA, we are kicking off a new decade for the agency. Our understanding of the world of communication and the work environment is characterized by great diversity, a wealth of ideas and, above all, the colorful “joie de vivre” of our city. We are Berlin. Our new look underlines our understanding of ourselves. Together with the Swiss brand designer Dave Hänggi, our managing director, Jennifer Meißner, completely revamped our agency’s brand identity. The result is a seemingly endless number of collages that pay tribute to the crib of the ZUCKER.idea: Berlin at heart.

The design consists of around 50 individual illustrations, each telling its own story. Some of them were inspired by real-life experiences or are direct references to customers and campaigns for you to explore and discover. There is no “overall picture” of the design repertoire. Instead, each individual element finds its place based on specific criteria. This way, Hänggi creates a visual creative language for ZUCKER. that can be mixed and balanced appropriately for each use case – be it for the website, social media or agency presentations.

Hänggi’s design does more than just refresh our agency’s visual positioning. We are consciously going against the current rather sober design culture, towards playfulness, opulence and variability. We focus on the narrativity of our design and show an unmistakable understanding of communication. Because that’s what our agency work stands for, the diversity of the people at ZUCKER., the wide range of our clients and their needs in communication.

A post by Matthias Bonjer