Workout your home office: from power-streaming to pilates

Workout your home office: from power-streaming to pilates
25. June 2021

Work hard, play hard. Having fun while doing sports to achieve top performance is not limited to fitness training to make the squad, but can also be applied to the home office. Sport doesn’t always have to take place at the gym or outdoors. Endurance, fitness, muscle building and flexibility are just as relevant at home.

No membership for a fitness club? No problem! All you need is a yoga mat, music and motivation. Right behind the desk in the living room, you can set up your own private mini-studio and relieve work stress with short workout sessions in between calls and meetings. Who needs a coffee break when you can have a sports break? If we look very closely, we find that you even work out while working… Do you actually know how many calories thinking burns? On average, about 320 calories per workday!

Pilates, Pamela Reif, Peloton, Power-Nap and Prime-Marathon – we distinguish between four types of home office exercise: the classics, the alternatives, the creative and the modern.

Old but gold: the classics

Among the classics, we count good old jogging through the neighborhood as well as diverse (or the same ones over and over again) YouTube workouts by Pamela Reif and the likes. Yoga and Pilates videos by Blogilates are also ideal for a short relaxation between two meetings or stretching in the morning in preparation for the first call. The HIIT workouts by STRONG by Zumba really get you in the mood. You can book courses at any time via their website, even virtually, and work off your energy in the sessions. Another trend is hula hoop workouts. The hoops not only give you a toned, beautiful waistline, but also put you in an extremely good mood. However, you should plan a little more space for this than for push-ups and sit-ups. Recommended hula hoops are available, for example, from 360° Fitness or Amazon. You can find the right music in our Spotify playlist HOME WORKOUZ in the ZUCKER.Sounds.

Think different: the alternatives

Sports are a matter of opinion: some people go jogging every day, while others have a streaming marathon on Prime Video, Netflix or Disney+. Some work on their abs and biceps, others their laugh muscles. Who says couch surfing can’t be strenuous and a form of endurance training? Our favorite sport at home: the kitchen dance while cooking or doing the dishes. Here, too, we have some tunes ready in the ZUCKER.Sounds. Shake it!

Credits: Unsplash / Glenn Carstens-Peters

Sky is the limit: the creatives

Not all sports are the same – we’ve just established that. Sport is what we make of it. Right? With a little creativity, even the power nap (emphasis on power) can become a workout. Typing press releases makes forgood finger gymnastics and focusing on concepts is an absolutely underrated mental sport – not to mention meeting marathons and voice training while on the phone. Your friends can go a handstand? We can do the splits between work and leisure! Speaking of flexibility: finding comfortable working positions on the carpet has already led to some gymnastic progress, as well as the odd contortion…

Credits: Unsplash / Philippe Jacobe

Welcome to the future: the moderns

The workout game really gets to the next level when using what modern tech has to offer, especially with products such as Peloton. We cannot deny it, both the high tech aspect of the bike and participating digitally in intense workout sessions from the comfort of your home have their appeal.. Likewise, we really likethe hyper-modern VAHA mirror. With the VAHA fitness mirror, you can participate in individual as well as group workouts and classes. At the same time, the mirror analyzes your movements and gives you tips for effective workouts. You can also download your favorite apps, such as Spotify, and use them as if they were on an extra-large smartphone.

Dress up: The right clothes for your home workout…

…should not be missing, of course. Finally, we’ll give you one or two fashion tips for the personal fitness studio. Of course, the right clothes depend on what kind of exercises you want to do. You can find comfortable yogi clothes at lululemon or OCEANSAPART. You can get really sporty and active clothes at Nike or Adidas. You’ll find shoes to match at Foot Locker. To motivate you to work up a sweat, you might want to try the sustainable towels from Kushel, which you can use to dry off after your session. Have fun working out and don’t forget to drink enough! Stay hydrated…

Credits of the main picture: Unsplash / Carlo Barcelo

A post by Laura Dörling