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Rebuild the World

Broken heart issues? Call ZUCKER.! For their “Rebuild the World” campaign LEGO trusted ZUCKER. to take care of a gigantic broken heart mural opposite the famous Berlin East Side Gallery, which needed putting back together.

 “Rebuild the World” is the theme to (re-)unite people and use their joint creativity to make a change. What better place to state this than at the Berliner Mauer, that once divided our society by separating friends and families.

Step by step, brick by brick, LEGO repaired the gap in the broken heart thanks to many helping hands. Calling the Berliners to action with a household mailing of 100,000 bricks resulted in LEGO fans of all ages, influencers, journalists and passers-by to heal the broken heart within five days, by hauling more than 66,000 bricks up the wall. Brickin’ awsome!