Green energy for our home office: ZUCKER. bets on houseplants

Green energy for our home office: ZUCKER. bets on houseplants
13. January 2022

We love our green friends, the houseplants. Small and large ones adorn the windowsill, the living room and our home office. It has been scientifically proven that one is even more productive when working in the direct vicinity of monstera, yucca palm, strelitzia and co.. Houseplants also have positive effects on our well-being, but that’s nothing new. They however also stimulate productivity and act as a concentration booster or lower our stress level.

Our customer, an initiative of the Flower Council Holland, has confirmed this through a survey as part of the “Danke Pflanzen” campaign. The result is clear: executives in particular benefit from the calming, motivating effect of our favourite quiet roommates. conducted the survey in August 2021 with YouGov Germany. The majority (62%) of the 1,002 people over 18 years of age surveyed swear by their green colleagues in the home office and have at least one plant in their room, whether for aesthetic, health or social reasons. Almost all (93%) plant owners find a workplace with plants more beautiful, four out of five (84%) also feel healthier thanks to them and generally (78%) more satisfied and happier. More than half also said they felt more productive (51%), more concentrated (50%) and less stressed (56%) in the presence of houseplants. The result particularly stands out among respondents in management positions. A total of 61% of the surveyed managers who own at least one houseplant said they were more productive in its presence. In contrast, “only” 39% of the respondents without management responsibility agreed with the statement.

In addition, plants can take on social functions. One in two (48%) of the surveyed houseplant owners feel less lonely because of them. One in four (26%) miss their leafy companions even more than their colleagues when they are on holidays. It’s one way to “love the green”!

The survey even shows a parallel between the trend towards home offices and the trend towards houseplants. Every fourth respondent has bought more houseplants since they started working from a home office. We can only agree with this…

So, if one of your resolutions for 2022 is to be more productive, you might consider pairing it with developing a green thumb and getting a new houseplant!

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