VIB – very important blog post

VIB – very important blog post
16. February 2022

Over the past 20 years, ZUCKER. has worked with one celebrity or another. These include models, designers, actors, photographers, singers and other talents who have worked on various campaigns for our clients. The strength lies in their diversity and we feel honored to have met numerous VIPs – of course, funny anecdotes also arise in the course of such cooperations. You already know the story around Jennifer and Dave Grohl, but that’s not all. Spoilers: Who is particularly hard-drinking or bitchy remains between us and will not be divulged here. Stars and their privacy will always be respected by and at ZUCKER. 😉 But we are happy to share a few stories with you:

Homer Simpson Calling

Have you ever talked to Homer Simpson on the phone? We have! More precisely with Norbert Gastell, who was the dubbing voice of Homer Simpson for 25 years. Our idea back then: a radio report for Valentine’s Day in which Homer Simpson talked about how (surprise) he prefers to be given donuts but will of course also get a bunch of flowers for his Marge. More than 60 radio stations across Germany found the pre-produced feature just as funny as we did at the time and gave us a hell of a reach for Fleurop. 

Oh, autocorrect

Did you know that Word autocorrect has already been worse than it is today? The program turned Mario Gomez into Marion Gomez every time. And before we sent out photo and text messages for our client Puma, we always had to be careful as hell that the name of the kicker was spelled correctly. He thought it was really funny when we told him about it on the sidelines of a street art event.

Credit: PUMA, Fotografin: Alexandra Beier/Getty Images for Puma

For a cigarette with Loki Schmidt

By now, most of us are non-smokers. But that was not always the case! Until about ten years ago, we found it quite normal to take cigarette breaks in our stairwell in the backyard and sometimes at our desks from 6 p.m. onwards. But we never enjoyed smoking with anyone as much as with Loki Schmidt, who told us at an awards ceremony in Hamburg’s Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten at the age of 90 that she had been smoking for 80 years. She started when she was just sweet ten years old, she told us – and found that quite normal.

HP Baxxter’s green thumb

HP Baxxter once had a plant, a Howea Kentia palm tree to be precise, which he named Howard. We made sure that Howard got a little plant child. As part of the “Promi-Pflanzenpaten gesucht” aka “Celebrity Plant Sponsors Wanted” campaign for the Flower Council Holland, we were looking for candidates who could apply for a scion of a celebrity plant. Kai Ebel’s orchid and a lime tree from Nina Ruge were also in the running. 

Simone Thomalla’s childhood memories

Do you know the German Christmas movie “Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel”? The film made Moritzburg Castle, which is part of Saxony’s “Schlösserland”, world famous. We once worked with Simone Thomalla for a Schlösserland campaign. She is a native of Saxony and loves the movie as much as we do! Did you know that her dad was responsible for the set design back then? He even took little Simone, then six years old, to the premiere in Potsdam.

Shoot your shot

Kristian Schuller at ZUCKER. in Berlin instead of Heidi Klum in L.A. Who wouldn’t want to work with a top photographer like Kristian Schuller?! This item is already ticked off our bucket list. For our client the Flower Council Holland, we were with him at 5.00 a.m. all alone at the Brandenburg Gate and photographed “Natural Supermodels” aka beautiful orchids in the dawn.

Credit: Blumenbüro Holland, Fotograf: Kristian Schuller

Soooo, and finally a bit of name-dropping – can’t be missing. Proudly presented in various ZUCKER.campaigns were also German talents like: Samy Deluxe, Deichkind, Oliver Korittke Peter Maffay, Ray Garvey, various DSDS-People (DSDS is the German version of America’s Got Talent) like Mark Medlock, Daniel Schumacher or Fady Maalouf, furthermore Ursula Karven, Gina-Lisa Lohfink, Dana Schweiger, Christine Neubauer, Cosma Shiva Hagen, Janina Uhse, Jörn Schlönvoigt, Cathy Hummels, Michael Michalsky, Heinz Rudolf Kunze…. Oh, we could go on forever and look forward to the next celebrity collaboration! Stay tuned!

Credit of main picture: Nathan DeFiesta /

A post by Christine Veauthier