News from the media world – our favorite newcomers

News from the media world – our favorite newcomers
18. August 2022

As PR professionals, we always keep an eye on the (German) media landscape. As a matter of principle, we subject newcomers to intensive screening in order to assess whether they are relevant for our clients. The media landscape is constantly changing and evolving to adapt to the tastes of the times and to align thematically and conceptually with current events and trends. We dug through the media treasure chest for German titles that have recently shaken up the market, which for us means in the last year or two. We want to share our highlights with you:

Female Empowerment with STRIVE and finanzielle

Business magazines are many, business magazines that focus on female empowerment and female players in the business world there are now two more in Germany since 2020 or 2021: STRIVE and finanzielle. STRIVE was founded in 2020 by Katharina Wolff and offers not only the 1.3 million women in German leadership positions, but also young professionals, students and other interested parties an alternative to magazines that tend to represent the male business world. finanzielle, a financial magazine for women, also focuses on a female audience and strives to combat gender-based injustices such as the gender pay gap. Since August 2021, the new brand of EMOTION Verlag has enriched the media landscape with expert inside knowledge in money matters – by and for women. In this way, the media is responding to discrimination that unfortunately still exists and continues to require education and elimination, to which STRIVE and finanzielle make an important contribution.

Reach revolution with Esquire

What emerged in the U.S. as early as the 1930s and stirred up “New Journalism” in the 1960s is coming to Germany in 2020, almost 100 years later: Welcome, Esquire! Esquire positions itself as a magazine for EVERYONE. The magazine is aimed at an open, unlimited target group, wants to give everyone in our society a chance to have their say, give current debates a space and present opinions. Esquire is colorful, is diverse, is cosmopolitan, is loud – we like it and need it.

Pimp it up with Guido’s Deko Queen

With our interior clients like ROOM IN A BOX, Nanoleaf, Mitte and Flower Council Holland, we are extremely into everything that has to do with design and decoration. No wonder we were very excited about the launch of Guido’s Deko Queen magazine in early 2021. We think it’s particularly cool that, in connection with interior and living, it also takes into account the aspect of sustainability. That makes our customers feel they’re in good hands… 😉

ROOM IN A BOX in Guidos Deko Queen

THE comeback with Poprocky

ZUCKER.Berlin is a true 90s b****. Founded in 1998, we are into everything that can be associated with the 90s: Fashion brands, candy, movies, series, music – EVERYTHING. Of course, that includes the magazines that we loved back then, like Poprocky. Okay, okay, the magazine is actually from the 80s, yet we still associate it with a 90s vibe because we still read it back then. Who agrees with us? Anyway, in 2021, the cult magazine is making a comeback for its 40th anniversary with a limited edition as well as an 80s special – we love it!

A colorful future with Rainbow World

Promoting diversity is extremely important to us at ZUCKER. – not only at work, but in every party that affects our lives. That’s why we obviously very much welcome the fact that the Rainbow World internet platform draws attention to diverse issues – literally. With the aim of producing and publishing colorful, diverse, multimedia content, the three-person Rainbow World founding team from Hamburg, which incidentally also includes the sister of our ZUCKER.colleague Chris, is primarily concerned with the topics of diversity and sustainability. They enrich their and our community with diverse content, colorful lifestyle tips and aspects that are worth thinking about.

Social goes Media with Carmushka

Cologne-based entrepreneur and content creator Carmen Kroll is widely known for or through her own fashion label, her book and her Instagram channel with over one million followers. Her next big project is in the making: the own magazine. She has already shared a few impressions and insights with her community via Instagram and we are looking forward to the creative lifestyle magazine, which is to be published for the first time in September 2022. As we know Carmen from the media so far, this CAN only be good, which is why we are including it in our media treasures today even before the official launch. Detailed feedback will follow in fall… stay tuned!

A post by Laura Dörling