ZUCKER. expands portfolio of sustainable clients

ZUCKER. expands portfolio of sustainable clients
Photo: Daria Shevtsova/Pexels
25. May 2022


We continue to focus on sustainability! With the budget win for Dopper, ZUCKER. is expanding its portfolio of sustainable and green clients in 2022. ZUCKER. supports the Dutch company in pursuing its mission: Getting people to use reusable water bottles and abandon single-use bottles. Because every minute, a truckload of plastic waste ends up in our oceans. And in that same minute, one million single-use plastic bottles are purchased worldwide. Coincidence? Probably not. That’s why Dopper has developed a sustainable water bottle that replaces single-use bottles. Every bottle sold also supports educational programs, research and awareness campaigns. Furthermore, Dopper is a B-Corp certified company, and its current score puts it in the top 10% of B-Corps worldwide. In addition to strategic consulting, ZUCKER. is responsible for Dopper’s media relations.

Already at the end of 2021, ZUCKER. was able to win the water start-up Mitte as a client. Mitte Water has also declared war on plastic pollution in the oceans and is committed to providing access to healthy drinking water worldwide. ZUCKER. accompanied the launch of Mitte Home, a unique concept that takes a completely new approach to water treatment, to kick off the joint effort, which includes consulting and media relations in Germany. Using advanced technology, tap water is not only filtered and purified, and carbonated if desired, but also mineralized by Mitte Hopme. This makes Mitte the first mover in a completely new category of water purifiers, a more sustainable alternative to bottled water, and also combines functionality and attractive design. With every Mitte Home cartridge purchased, a donation also goes to the nonprofit organization Water.org, which helps provide clean water in disadvantaged regions.

Graphic: Dopper

Strong new brands for our “Team Green”, which has been supporting Oatly, a real sustainability love brand, since 2018 in terms of strategic consulting, media, live and influencer relations. Most recently, we had the pleasure of providing communications support for the slightly offbeat web series THE NEW NORM&AL SHOW for the Swedish oat drink pioneer, which kicks off the discussion about a contemporary diet in which opting for plant-based food is completely normal – in other words, “The New Normal”, and together with you, we’re excited about the launch of the super tasty purely plant-based ice cream.


Just like Dopper and Mitte, our client JOYUMA is committed to doing something about the throwaway culture. The Berlin-based start-up produces sustainable coffee mugs that you can hang around your neck like a cell phone case to keep your hands free when you go for a walk. Coffee, tea, mulled wine – the Coffee Carrier keeps everything warm and is also an eye-catcher for any outfit. Consisting of a coffee mug, a mug bag made of recyclable vegan leather and a cord to hang around your neck, the design can be varied at will. Since 2021, we have been providing JOYUMA with strategic consulting and taking care of media and influencer relations.


ZUCKER. has already been responsible for the basic PR of ROOM IN A BOX since October 2020. The vision of the Berlin-based company: to develop a furniture line that convinces with its sophisticated simplicity, makes customers’ lives better and protects the environment. The furniture concept is characterized by its circular nature. The material – corrugated cardboard – consists of at least 70% recycled material and 30% virgin fiber from sustainable forestry. The cardboard furniture can be completely recycled, the glue and printing inks are environmentally friendly, and the paper is produced in Germany, which keeps transport distances short. In addition, for every product sold, a tree is planted by RIAB partner Eden Reforestation Projects.


In the last year and a half, a lot has happened in ZUCKER.’s client portfolio in terms of sustainability – and not just with the clients presented here, of course. What distinguishes the companies in our Green Unit from the others, however, is a sustainable mission or vision, which was already a central, if not the decisive reason for founding the company. The fact that companies without a sustainability strategy will have a harder time succeeding in the market in the future is not only suggested by the current Utopia study. In any case, we are pleased about every step on the way to more sustainability on which we are able to accompany our clients.

A blog post by Daniel Kreuscher